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For nineteen years my work as both a psychic and Reiki Master has connected me to amazing places and wonderful people all over our world. For years my work was based in Glastonbury, England, world famous as the spiritual heart and soul of the British Isles.

Now based in my beautiful homeland of Wales in the UK, I give readings worldwide by phone and WhatsApp

In addition to my individual intuitive work, I've also featured as a psychic consultant both with the Michele Knight organisation and international astrologer Lada Duncheva at Astrolada

It's easy to schedule your reading with me. Just contact me and together we'll arrange the perfect time for you, wherever you are in the world! I do kindly ask that you please contact me before making a purchase, to ensure my availability 

Scheduling Your Reading

Please Contact Me To Ensure My Availability Before Making A Purchase 


  Email, call or text me and we can schedule the perfect date and time for your reading


After that use my Purchase Page before your appointment to secure your booking


Once your appointment time and

purchase are confirmed I can deliver

your reading


What People Say...

"   Martine is unlike any other psychic who has read for me... her reading was unnervingly accurate..."

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