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Read The Terms, Conditions And Privacy Policy When Booking Your Psychic Reading 

Whatever our personal and spiritual beliefs, it is required by U.K Law that it is stated and understood that the services given by me are for entertainment purposes only

You must be eighteen (18) years and over to book and receive my services

Any information or advice given in any session is given in good faith and is not to be used or seen as a substitution for the professional advice of qualified medical practitioners, legal advisers or financial institutions

No claim is made by me to be a qualified medical, legal or financial professional. You are always advised to seek relevant professional advice on matters regarding  healthcare, financial or legal issues

It is understood that I do not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences arising from use of my services. 

All use of information and advice provided by me in readings is the sole responsibility of the client


Your privacy and all confidential information will be respected and protected by all reasonable means. Any information by which you can be identified, is held or used in accordance with GDPR / European Union data protection requirements

It is understood that if you provide an email address via the website Contact Form you consent to it's use for contact purposes for email reply by me. 

It is understood that if you request my Free Call Back service you consent to use of your telephone number by me for delivery of your reading by telephone.

Any information provided or received will not be stored, used for marketing purposes nor given or divulged to third parties

Reviews and testimonials will not be used for marketing purposes without the express permission and consent of the provider nor will any information be given or divulged to third parties.

All payment transactions are processed securely. Receipts and confirmations are provided. 

Payments made securely via PayPal will receive direct notifications from PayPal.

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