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I'm sending you all my love and deepest wishes you stay safe and healthy. This September, it continues to feel energetically inappropriate for me just to write the Tarotscopes and predictions for individual signs.

The guidance that I received this month is for all of us as we try to navigate our post Covid 19 world. 

The challenges that seem to be facing the world at this time feel enormous...

Once more, I've chosen to work with that deep and  profound energy of the Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. 

I know that my Free Monthly Tarotscopes have always had a loyal and regular worldwide readership who continue to visit this page of my site. I'm so very grateful to all of you. Please know you can  still book an individual reading with me  just as you have always done.

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The Status Quo

Forces At Work In The World

I wrote before about there being hidden agendas at work in the world and at this time they appear to be more active. The message that I received here from Spirit and the Seven of Swords card  is that we must try to be aware of those who are seeking to manipulate humanity's fears and of those who spread words and messages that wish to scare us and divide us. Some of these very divisive forces may not be obvious. Indeed, they may choose to hide behind the most seemingly benign organisations or faces.

The much quoted proverb 'A house divided against itself cannot stand' is so powerful and resonant for us at this moment. We are at a tipping point where the Covid19 pandemic has made us very frightened and extremely vulnerable to the tactics of 'divide and rule'. 

The Five Of Wands card appeared in the last reading that I published and it appears again here. Spirit are trying hard here to emphasise the total exhaustion and demoralisation that comes from a state of constant conflict. Even when an objective is clear or we feel that a just cause is being pursued, violent conflict - physical or verbal-is not the highest form of resolution humankind should seek. In this card, it isn't even apparent why these figures are fighting. They seem to revel in violence- is there a danger that some around us are doing the same?

This message of the Five Of Wands goes hand in hand with that of it's partner card, The Seven Of Swords. If a frightened society is fighting amongst itself all the time, there is little will or energy left for anything else.

A people at war will destroy their world -not rebuild it

The Current Emotional Energy

The Nine Of Swords

The Nine Of Swords card here is reflecting back the emotional state of so many in the world at this time. It is the card of anxiety, of dark thoughts and long sleepless nights spent worrying. It's no surprise that so many people feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts at the moment. However, following on from the message of the first two cards, our natural fears or 'fight or flight' mechanism are perhaps being  made so much greater by external forces and the messages that are given to us via news and social media etc...

The more we 'feed' our fears, the more they rule our lives. At this time we need to guard against negative cycles- one dark thought leads to more and more until they overwhelm us. Think of the stacked swords in this card as negative thoughts. Keep yourself informed of events- but don't constantly re watch or re read them. Be aware of what keeps you safe, but whenever you feel in danger of being overwhelmed by fear or  negative emotion try to visualise something in your life that you like or a positive action that you intend to take. It's not easy- but if you keep trying you will  feel the difference. This too will pass.....

 How We Can Choose To React 

The Two Paths

The High Priestess

Following on from the last three cards about trying to detach from the bombardment of fear and conflict that we seem to be facing, comes our High Priestess card. Indeed she is one of the figures of the Major Arcana who most represents a detachment from all that is worldly or venal. She appears here not to ask you to be in denial of things or to withdraw from society but to detach from the fray in order to think. 

The message here is that we need to trust more to our intuition and to draw on the wisdom of our own learned experiences. Don't be told what to think or how to feel by external voices- go deep and listen to your own. If something doesn't feel right for you or to you- then act on that. Respect -and keep -your own counsel and you'll gain more control over how you experience events and the world itself.  You've got this!


The Three Of Swords

Drawn in this reading alongside our High Priestess card is the Three of Swords. It's not here to underline the message of the High Priestess. Actually it's to show it's opposite- the other path that is always there for us to take. In this case we're shown a path of sorrow and disempowerment. The young female figure here has perhaps not had enough experience of life to realise that she has her own power or wisdom. So she follows the 'received wisdom' and surrenders to the sad and angry energies and events that surround her.

It's vital to have the opportunity to experience feelings even if they're painful. We need to be able to express anger or pain in order to release them. However, we must guard against becoming so absorbed or overwhelmed by negative emotions that we lose sight of recovery. renewal- and of our true selves.

 The Results of Our Choices

Mastering Our Own Fate

The Five Of Wands

When I drew this card, I had the immediate thought- ' "Out of the strong came forth sweetness"

This message from Spirit comes to us with the Strength card to remind us that we can take control of our own fate and not have to arrange our lives around competing external forces. We need to be clever about this, though.....

This is not a message about taking loud and public stances, violent actions or noisy defiance. It's the opposite. The Strength card is about the taming of more angry or fierce energies by wise and persuasive words and actions. This strongly applies to those forces within us as well as those around us in the wider world. This is the card that says 'think before you speak', Use persuasion before force and offer incentives rather than harsh words and recrimination. In this way we gain both mastery of self and ultimately of our fate...

Our Fate Decided 


The Judgement card is not a negative card in and of itself. It signifies that we are somehow being called  to account in some way and that is certainly true for humanity at this moment. The overwhelming nature of Covid 19 has left the world in a state of deep shock and seems to have also created a vacuum of power. History teaches us that they don't remain so for long...

Whilst being held to account and then trying to change things is a fine aspiration, this card and it's message is also seeking to convey that we must proceed with caution. We have to be very careful indeed about who is judging whom - and what are the consequences? In contrast to the Strength card, which advises you to forge your own persuasive and thoughtful path, this card comes as a warning. Don't get swept up by the demands or judgement of outside 'authorities'.....

Divine Guidance

What Humanity Is Asked To Remember

The Three Of Wands

The Three Of Wands brings a message of renewed hope and of having faith. When I drew this card I was given these beautiful words from the poem Invictus. "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." We need to own our power and beliefsThis card also speaks to us about opportunities in the future and of widening our horizons. We are being reminded that we need to keep our minds open and our eyes raised toward better things out there...

We may be out of our comfort zones and in an uncharted space. There may be upcoming challenges - but also exciting possibilities. Provision yourself practically, mentally and emotionally for the voyage that lies ahead- but don't be afraid. Be the master of your fate! To end this reading. The words of the great poet Seamus Heaney are re-produced below, to sum up this last message...

“So hope for a great sea-change ....

 Believe that a further shore 

Is reachable from here. 

Believe in miracles and cures and healing wells.”

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