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What I receive and write here is universal insight to help us all with navigating an ever-changing world. For January 2023 I've chosen to work with my absolute favourite tarot deck, 'The Legacy Of The Divine' by the superb Ciro Marchetti


 January 2023

The final Mercury Retrograde of 2022 begins on December 29 and lasts until January 19th 2023. This retrograde will take place in the hard working and focused sign of Capricorn. In order to deal with this tricky time, perhaps one of the key things we should all think about is  preparation. This particular retrograde could show all of us how preparing for multiple scenarios ahead of time can help us to keep on an even keel - and cope well- when things go awry in that typical Mercury Retrograde way. During all Mercury Retrograde periods,  we should always keep a ' what if'  list as well as having a Plan B ( and Plan C and D...!)

The Five Of Wands


The Recent Past

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times  it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness" 

~Charles Dickens ( A Tale Of Two Cities)

In the last few years it often seems as if there's been a huge rise in aggression in both the public and private spheres of daily life. Obviously, since 2020 some of this can be said to have been fuelled by the fear and restrictions on our freedom  that was driven by the pandemic. However, even prior to 2020 news of war, violence,  dwindling resources and growing insecurity about f uel, water, food and housing became more widespread. It can also be said that both technology and the media have played a huge part in fostering many people's inability to see a more optimistic future. A growing number may be losing  hope and also feel that those who hold power lack not just the will   but even the basic competence to lead.


As 2022 ends, we seem to be faced with the unknown. How can we deal with 2023? What can we do as individuals to raise the levels of hope and optimism ? We start by appreciating and loving what we do have. Not just in our minds, but with our deeds and our words. We can say daily words of gratitude aloud to ourselves. We can draw the attention of those around us towards beautiful things, happy events and examples of people performing kind acts. We can purposely maintain goals -no matter how small. Write them down, talk about them, share them. We still have beautiful art, literature, music and nature and should immerse ourselves in as much of this as possible. Positivity can actually be spread as widely as fear -if we try hard.  Hope engenders hope...

The Three Of Coins


The Present

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”~ Benjamin Franklin

The Three Of Coins is traditionally a card of creation and concentration and here we see a master craftsman at work. As a suit, coins (pentacles in other decks) represents something material-health or financial resources. This three represents that point when we need to  fine hone our plans so we can be ready to  implement them.  January 2023 may well need us to do so. We've been alarmed for a while with much talk of shortages and emergencies, but even if this talk is exaggerated it's never, ever a bad idea to prepare. This card is advising you to create a plan and follow a schedule -for now is a time when good management will pay off.

This January,  the more prudent souls will be the ones who spend time on such things as gradually stocking up with long life food supplies, ensuring the car's fuel gauge is never low, that the home has torches (and batteries) to hand. In this over computerised age it's perhaps also a good idea to have an amount of actual cash set aside (not just electronic money or cards)  G ather  your resources- whatever you feel is important for the physical comfort and security  of your household. Whilst this is by no means a prediction of doom or of widespread shortage - its a good idea to think of the old adage ' Always  hope for the best~ but prepare for the worst'.


The Two Of Wands


Underlying Energies

“If we cannot find our account in one world we shall in another. It is a great pleasure to see and do new things.”

~Voltaire (Candide)

The Two of Wands card is very much about discovery, stepping outside the comfort zone to explore new worlds and experiences. This can be exciting-but it can also take a great deal of courage. In  tarot, twos often represent decisions. With this particular two, we're asked if we wish to stick with the known or to take a risk on the unfamiliar. In the coming month it's also possible that many of us may have little choice  but to navigate new or unfamiliar situations. 

The discovery aspect of this card's meaning is also important- in the context of making predictions about the month ahead, January may be a time when secrets are unlocked or long hidden matters are uncovered. There may be further controversies concerning Royal households- but with the twist that somehow the tables are turned! We can expect to hear about more serious things that certain governments have tried very hard to keep hidden or deliberately mis-represented to the public. This involves the 'superpowers' of both East and West in our world. Whilst the latter feels more about politics and underhand dealings, there may also be the revelation of long concealed information about life beyond The Earth...



Direction Of Travel

“Law is not law, if it violates the principles of eternal justice" 

~Lydia Maria Child

On a personal level, as the Justice card is very much about the search for truth. we may have to come to terms with things that aren't as clear-cut as we'd believed. This crucial card also follows on very much from the predictions of our Two Of Wands. Scrutiny, truth and revelation have knock on effects. Therefore, Justice may well indeed be served widely this month- and onwards throughout 2023. In this world, it doesn't always follow that law represents actual  justice. It's so often the case that, in fact, some laws and notions of justice can  encroach greatly very on the rights and freedoms of others . This month- and this year- w e're going to see some dramatic, high profile cases where certain laws are very publicly challenged- and overturned. 

Repeals of laws or legal strictures may also lead to regime or governmental change in some places. At the very least, the growth of some movements will lead to the overturn of the status quo in certain nations. What is deemed as unfair in regards to the legal and ethical rights of individuals may rapidly become the kind of red hot issues that will ignite the flames of actual   revolutions.  Justice may be blind, but she's not asleep...


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